Building & Previewing

When you'd like to generate your site, run the build command from within your project root:

$ ./vendor/bin/jigsaw build

Jigsaw will generate your static HTML and place it in the ./build_local directory by default.

Using the default site structure, ./build_local will look like this:

Default build directory

Previewing with PHP

To quickly preview your site, use the serve command:

$ ./vendor/bin/jigsaw serve

You can now view your site at http://localhost:8000 in your browser.

You can also optionally specify the environment and port to serve like so:

$ ./vendor/bin/jigsaw serve production --port=8080

This will serve your build_production folder at http://localhost:8080.

Previewing with Browsersync

If you are using Laravel Mix to compile your assets, you can preview your site with Browsersync by simply running:

$ npm run watch

Browsersync will automatically open a new browser tab and reload the page every time you make a change. Very helpful for previewing your changes quickly!