System Requirements

To use Jigsaw, you need to have PHP 7 installed on your machine. You'll also optionally need Node.js and NPM installed if you want to use Elixir to compile your CSS and Javascript.

Installing Globally

Install Jigsaw globally via Composer:

$ composer global require tightenco/jigsaw

Make sure ~/.composer/vendor/bin is in your $PATH.

Installing Locally

If you run into dependency conflicts when trying to install Jigsaw globally, you can always install it locally on a per site basis.

Create a folder for your site:

$ mkdir my-site && cd my-site

Install Jigsaw via Composer:

$ composer require tightenco/jigsaw

Initialize a new project in the current folder:

$ ./vendor/bin/jigsaw init

When Jigsaw is installed locally, you'll run the following command (instead of jigsaw build) to build your site:

$ ./vendor/bin/jigsaw build